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Plug and Play
Wireless connection with Apple device via special Bluetooth technology with automatic reconnection.
Compatible with BMW, Lexus, Mercedes or any other cars with USB type iPod music system.
Read and display entire iPod library from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on car display.
Access and control the playlist via multi-functional steering wheel.
Plug and play, High speed USB.
Read and display entire iPod library from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch wirelessly.
Access and control play, stop, next and previous song via multi-functional steering wheel.
Compatible  with  aftermarket  car stereos that have Apple certified  MFI USB  type  iPod  connections.
Vehicle Compatibility
Cars with original / aftermarket (Pioneer, JVC, Alpine) iPod integration
(USB audio interface) (BMW, Lexus, Mercedes)

Music Device Compatibility
iPhone 4 / 4S, iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C , iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, iPhone 7/7Plus, iPhone SE
iPod touch (4th, 5th Generation)
iPad (1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Air)
iPad mini/ iPad mini 2
 WMA2000 Wireless Bluetooth Music  Adaptor for Original USB Q. I am not sure if my system can work with .
   type In-Car iPod Integration   tune2air or not
 Color LED indicator. A. To make sure just use an iPod or iPhone to well
 Powered by high quality CSR BlueCore5  Bluetooth module.   connect with your in-car 30pin / USB iPod
 Advanced wireless music technology  which enable it to   system. If they work correctly and playlist is
   communicate with certain models of  Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch   displayed on car screen, yes, tune2air will work
   and iPad.   in your car.
 Bluetooth V2.0+EDR compliant, Bluetooth  V2.1 ready. Q. I always use hands free when I am driving.
 Superior audio quality with Dual ADC and  DAC for stereo   Can I still put my iPhone to work with
   audio.   tune2air?
 Firmware upgradable A. iPhone can connect to your in-car hands free
 Compatible with BMW, Lexus, Ford, Infinity  or any other cars   and tune2air at the same time. When you dial a
   with the original USB type iPod music  system.   number or get an incoming call, music will stop
 Work with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5,  iPad 1st Generation,   playing to allow conversation; when you end the
   iPad 2nd Generation, iPad 3rd Generation,  iPod Touch   call, it will go back to music playing.
   4thGeneration, iPod Touch 5th Generation. Q. I use Android phone, can it work with

 Now also works with Android phones,  Windows Phone 8

   devices, 3rd party music apps such as  Sportify and Pandora. A. Tune2air can work with iPhone and most Android
   When work with these devices tune2air  provide only wireless   phones. But unlike iPhone, when working with
   music streaming function without  displaying track info and  music library list.   Android phones, there will be no playlist displayed.

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